University excellence meets professionals' experience

Comprised of top-level university professors and professional experts, the faculty at Télécom Lille has developed an original and effective pedagogical approach.

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IT and networks

The I.T. and Networks department, coordinated by Mohamed Daoudi (Professor), is composed of 15 permanent research lecturers (top ranking French engineering schools, university, INRIA) and more than 80 external contributors from software and computing service companies, telecoms operators, start-up, etc.

Communications Systems

There are 17 research lecturers making up the Communication Systems department (contact: Christophe Seguinot). Teaching at the department is, in addition, conducted by professionals from the telecommunications sector and Télécom Lille –qualified engineers, who contribute to the specialist training programs and conferences.

Physics and Applied Physics

The Physics and Applied Physics department, coordinated by Gilbert Martinelli, comprises five permanent research lecturers and 25 external contributors.

Economics & Management

The Economics – Management department, coordinated by Martine Pernod–Lemattre, groups together six permanent research lecturers and around 15 external contributors.

Languages and Intercultural Communication

The Languages and Intercultural Communication department, directed by Andrea Hembise, comprises six permanent teaching staff and up to 12 external teaching staff.