Training for all engineering professions

The Télécom Lille diploma gives graduates access to any type of engineering position and allows each of our students to determine his or her career path.

Types of jobs

Télécom Lille training prepares students for any type of engineering job: telecom and networks engineer, project manager, research and development engineer, computer security expert, web and e-commerce engineer, consultant, marketing and sales engineer, entrepreneur…

Rapid career advancement

Our graduates obtain senior positions quickly and progress in all economic sectors: internet, telecoms, e-commerce, video games, IT, banks, mass retail sector, electronics industry, start-ups…

Economic sectorsEconomic sectors

Innovation and entrepreneurship

At the center of the digital technologies revolution, Télécom Lille encourages and assists in the creation of innovative companies. Several rapidly growing companies have been founded and led by our graduates: Ankama, 3Dduo, Acipia, Tehms, Keyneosoft…

Our training also includes instruction in the specifics behind creating a company and developing start-ups.