Testimony of Julien Tierny

Julien Tierny diplômé TELECOM LilleI joined TELECOM Lille 1 in initial training after a scientific bachelor degree. Both curious and pragmatic, I was seduced by the training offered by the school, which combines various lessons (mathematics, physics, electronics, computers, signal processing, economics, humanities, etc.) to many internships, giving a unique perspective to practice its academic teachings.

The modular teaching pedagogy and the many technological projects have then strongly developed my technical curiosity, my independence, my management responsibilities, and my skills to teamwork and self-education.

It was only towards the middle of the course that my interest in computers has strongly stand out. The increasing difficulty and depth of the projects I worked on sharpened my analytical skills and my creativity. From that moment I realized I wanted to direct my career towards the research and development aspects of the engineering profession.

So in parallel to my last year at school, I pursued a Master in Computer Research at the University of Lille 1, which ended with a final internship in The Computer Science Laboratory of Lille (LIFL ). Obtaining an Honors Master Degree then allowed me to get a ministerial scholarship and a monitor station, opening the doors of postgraduate studies to obtain a PhD.

During the three years that followed, supervised (and encouraged) by the school's teachers and researchers, I could make my experience in research and discover the fascinating profession of teacher.

The scientific results I obtained during my thesis allowed me to make myself known, and less than a week after my thesis defense, I was moving to the United States, where I worked for two years in a major American university.

I am currently a CNRS researcher, conducting research on algorithmic aspects of spatial data analysis, for applications related to scientific data visualization and computer graphics.

Beyond the theoretical knowledge and practical, I remember my time at TELECOM Lille 1 (known as Telecom Lille nowadays) as a truly fulfilling experience, which allowed me to develop and reveal my professional potential.

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