Telecom Lille offers a 5-year course, leading to an engineering master’s degree. The courses all benefit from the European Credit Transfer System, enabling wide international recognition.

Backed by a leading university and several top-ranked engineering schools, Telecom Lille training programs closely associate state-of-the art coursework and laboratory practicals with extended periods devoted to technology project management carried out within professional placements.

Founded in 1990, our school owes its rapid success and recognition to a proprietary training model that has proved extremely efficient.

Basic Training CycleEngineering Training Cycle   
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Fundamental science Internship / ManagementTelecoms Engineering Sciences 

Internship / IT networks

IT management


Telecoms complex systems

Digital television


Advanced IT systems

Fundamental science and technologiesTechnology and Science project
Internship / Corporate cultureFundamental science and technologiesInternship / Marketing and sales



Mobile communications

Software engineering

Fundamental scienceInternship / Networks and telecommunicationsTelecoms Engineering Sciences

Project management

Corporate strategy

Innovation management


Basic training cycle (internships included)

  • Maths and physics
  • Electronics, signal treatment and communications systems
  • IT and networks
  • Corporate Management
  • Languages and communications
  • Telecoms and networks specializations

Engineering training cycle (internships and capstone project included)

Management Specializations

  • Information Technology Marketing
  • International Project Management
  • Information Systems Design and Management
  • High Technology Team Management
  • Entrepreneurship and consulting

Engineering specializations

  • Optical and Microwave Systems Engineering
  • Mobile Communications
  • Picture, Signal, Digital television
  • Networks
  • Networks and Software Engineering
  • Network security
  • Multimedia Software and Engineering