Next-generation engineering school

Narendra JUSSIEN, directeur de Télécom Lille

Narendra JUSSIEN,
director of Télécom Lille

Télécom Lille has become one of the top-ranked public engineering schools in France


Key figures

  • 2907 alumni
  • 750 students
  • 100 000 square feet premises and laboratories
  • 1000 corporate partners and associates

Télécom Lille has become one of the best known public engineering schools in France in the field of IT, networks, communications and web engineering. A rapid progression due to a ground-breaking blended-learning model.

At the heart of the digital revolution

Télécom Lille engineering programs span the whole digital revolution area:

  • Telecommunications
  • IT and networks
  • Internet & Multimedia
  • Mobile communication
  • Information system

With the exponential development of these key technologies, our engineers pursue their careers in a wide range of companies in all sectors of activity.

Top technology and engineering skills, reinforced with strong project management experience

Our engineering training programs include a significant focus on management skills and competencies. This choice empowers our engineers with the business acumen necessary to efficiently manage teams and projects internationally and across cultures.

A top-ranked graduate school in France, within a leading European science and technology university

TELECOM Lille regularly appears in the top ten engineering schools in France for graduate and post-graduate degrees.This rank takes into account the successful careers of alumni, close connections with industry, state-of-the-art scientific endeavors and international activity.
This recognition translates into more than 3,000 job offers received each year.

Key connections with the industry

Research, innovation, recruitment, continuing education… Our involvement with the corporate world is multi-faceted, and a key asset, to fast-track our development and our alumni’s careers.