Live in Lille

To share, progress, adapt and take on responsibilities: Each day Télécom Lille provides its students with the opportunity to affirm themselves within a friendly environment.


La Grand Place de Lille365 days a year, Lille and its surrounding areas pulsate with the excitement generated by the exploits of champions and large sporting events.

Considered one of the most sportive metropolitan areas in France, Lille is home to hundreds of clubs, catering to all types of sporting activities.


Festivals, concerts, drama and movie theaters, museums: In 2004, Lille became, in the eyes of the world, a vibrant, must-see cultural capital, attracting connoisseurs, movie buffs and music lovers alike.

With new editions of Lille 3000, the cultural voyage continues!


Now a major center for developing services, Lille is considered a prime economic area for numerous information-technology and communications markets:

  • Remote sales
  • E-commerce
  • Secure payment
  • Etc.

The school's proximity to major companies in this sector is an extra advantage for our students.


In terms of transportation, Lille is one of the best-served metropolitan areas in France.

  • Paris-Lille: 1 hour*
  • Lyon-Lille: 3 hours*
  • Rennes-Lille: 4 hours*
  • Marseille-Lille: 4 hours 45 minutes*
  • Strasbourg-Lille: 3 hours 42 minutes*

At the heart of Europe:

  • Lille-Brussels: 35 minutes*
  • Lille-London: 1 hour 30 minutes*
  • Lille-Cologne: 2 hours 45 minutes*
  • Lille-Amsterdam: 2 hours 35 minutes*

*travel time by TGV train

The Villeneuve d'Ascq science campus

With more than 20,000 students, the Villeneuve d'Ascq campus resembles the great international universities:
Extensively served by all types of public transport (subway, bus, V'Lille, etc.)

  • Close to Lille
  • Verdant landscape
  • University services (library, physician, etc.)
  • University restaurants