Télécom Lille is the most complete example of an original partnership between a university and the Grandes Écoles. In this context, Lille 1 University and Institut Mines-Télécom participate in the broad planning of the school's strategy, training and financing. The companies are directly involved in the school's academic and strategic management.


  • Narendra JUSSIEN, General Director
  • Jean-François COLIN, Director of Studies
  • Brigitte PRIEM, General Secretary
  • Dean HIPPLE, International Relations
  • Martine DUCORNET, Corporate relations
  • François SEPTIER, Research Coordinator
  • Mohamed DAOUDI, International Research Coordinator

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Its Board of Directors, called the Assembly of Members (the founding members of which are the Institut Mines-Télécom and Lille 1 University), and its Advisory Board (on which company and student representatives also sit) meet several times a year in order to deliver opinions and make decisions relative to the strategy and organization of the school.

Student Council

The Student Council is consulted on all matters related to education.

Club des Entreprises

Télécom Lille's Club Entreprise is a flexible organization where the school and its company partners can share and collaborate in order to mutually improve their knowledge and develop actions for the sake of common interest.

Télécom Lille Alumni

The alumni association, composed of Télécom Lille graduates, participates in promoting the quality of both the degree and the graduates. It also helps foster mutual aid between the school, students and graduates.