IT & Networks



The research lecturers conduct research in Lille's computer science research laboratory (CRIStAL UMR 9189). This is sure acknowledgment that their research activities are at the highest national and international level. Their research activities deal with quite varied fields, such as software, VoIP, multimedia search engines, 3D and security.

The teams

The research lecturers perform their research as part of the following teams:

  • CARAMEL: Model composition with objects and their software engineering processes
  • FOX: Extraction of human behavior from video streams
  • 3D-SAM: Development of new algorithms for 3D shape analysis and comparison
  • RMOD: Object-oriented applications

Some of the research lecturers also work on analyzing and assessing the performance of new architectures and algorithms (e.g. routing) in order to adapt them to situations that combine heterogeneous network environments with critical services (VoIP, mobile networks, MANETs, P2P, etc.). In addition, some pursue their interests in computer environments for Human learning.

These research activities are generally carried out in a regional, national and international context, with a very strong desire to present work at the best conferences and publish in the most highly regarded journals.



Jean-Philippe VANDEBORRE

Tel. +33 (0)3 20 33 55 96