Télécom Lille offers companies young and motivated interns, guided by specific assignments and tasks.

Télécom Lille students complete at least one company internship each year up to the final-year engineering project.

These internships are organized throughout the year, excluding the summer period.

They deal with the following subjects:

  • Company knowledge and familiarization
  • Familiarization with the computer and/or telecommunications networks
  • Marketing and communication or marketing and marketing function
  • Management and administration of computer networks
  • Computer or Information Systems Department functions
  • Organization and operation of telecommunications networks

During a company internship, our students must carry out useful work for their companies, and stay on topic. These internships are also the occasion for students to improve and sharpen their social and communication skills, and perfect their knowledge. This "company training" represents one of the main pillars of the school's initial training program.

As with other French or European students, the primary expectations of our own students with regard to internships are:

  • a friendly work environment
  • familiarization with a profession/business sector
  • interesting assignments and tasks
  • application of theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies
  • learning to work as part of a team

Throughout the school year, an exclusive department and approximately 50 school tutors, working in collaboration with over 400 company mentors, make sure that these internships run smoothly.



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