International students

International studentAs a leader in education and training in the digital sector, Télécom Lille has developed a healthy international culture.

The school offers numerous educational and training options, internships and research possibilities to foreign students, who now represent more than 30% of the school's population.

For students from partner schools

Students from Télécom Lille's partner schools can complete a part of their academic studies or do an internship in one of our research laboratories.

Télécom Lille's classroom instruction is given in French. Internships in a research laboratory are available to English-speaking students.

In order to come and study or complete an internship in a laboratory, students from partner schools must contact Télécom Lille's International Department six months before the period requested in order to organize their stay based on their areas of interest, and coordinate the conditions of their stay (scholarships, accommodation, etc.).

For other students

Télécom Lille's education and training is accessible to all students, regardless of nationality. Admission to Télécom Lille is determined based on the Geipi-Polytech competitive entrance examination.

This competitive entrance examination can be taken by all students having graduated from, or in their senior year at, lycées (secondary schools) certified by the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger (AEFE); there are approximately 500 certified schools around the world.

Students working on a European or French-German bachelor's degree in science can also register.



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