Innovative higher education

Télécom Lille owes its rapid growth and success to an innovative learning pattern, that blends on-site work placement, e-learning and traditional courses.

Télécom Lille graduates are awarded a national diploma, recognized by the CTI (French Engineering Commission) and that benefits from a wide international recognition.

A tested approach towards engineering training

AmphiInternships and studies at companies, apprenticeships, distance learning, tutoring and project-based work: our teaching method allows students to apply their knowledge tangibly to corporate issues and helps them develop their autonomy, creativity and sense of responsibility.

Our programs devote up to 40 % of the students’ learning time to on-site work placements in major companies, a genuine “hands-on” approach towards engineering tasks within the framework of real and complex technology projects.

This approach gives our graduates significant prior work experience and rapidly develops their interpersonal, intercultural and management skills which are key assets to starting their careers!

State-of-the-art learning technologies and approaches

e-learningSince its start, Telecom Lille has been developing state-of-the-art e-learning technologies. These tools continuously enrich the possibilities offered to our students to learn more efficiently and to combine professional activity and training.

Genuine international and intercultural programs

Telecom Lille is leading the field nationally in terms of intercultural curriculum for engineering schools.

All students must complete a significant period of study abroad prior to graduation and  demonstrate robust language skills in English, German and Spanish.

Setting our standards high, our graduates are well prepared to take on the complex tasks of managing international teams and running technical projects in global telecommunications international assignments, with efficiency and a full respect for cultural diversity.

A personalized educational and training program

Each of our students is watched over and provided counseling throughout his or her studies. Tutoring, objective-based work and continuous monitoring ensures optimum effectiveness in an education that takes into account each student's career plan. Choice of internships, academic mobility within France and abroad, choice of specialties, double degrees: the student has a say in his or her studies.