1990 Creation of the school by the INT and USTL

INT, for France Télécom, and USTL created ENIC (École Nouvelle d'Ingénieurs en Communication) with the support of several corporate groupings. This IEG (Economic Interest Group) was managed equitably by its founding members and its partner companies.

1994 Launch of TutTelVisio®

ENIC develops TutTelVisio, a pioneering remote learning system. This system made it possible to optimize learning times and cost while reducing employee travel and unavailability to a minimum.

1997 Participation of GET, France Télécom, Alcatel and Siemens

After the privatization of the national operator, the GET (Group of Telecommunications Schools) replaced France Télécom, which entered the ENIC IEG along with Alcatel and Siemens.

2000 Launch of initial apprenticeship training

The ENIC launched an apprentice program to make its engineering degree accessible to graduates with certain DUTs (university technology degrees).
These apprentices, who were recruited from among graduates with DUTs related to Information and Communications Technologies, could focus their training on in-depth professional practice and real corporate experience.

2001 ENIC became ENIC-TELECOM Lille1

A new logo for ENIC-TELECOM Lille1.

2005 ENIC TELECOM Lille1 became a member of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles)

ENIC TELECOM Lille1 changed its name to become TELECOM Lille1.


A new logo for TELECOM Lille1

2007 Launch of "Club Enterprises"

Driven by its desire to strengthen cooperation with its industrial partners, TELECOM Lille1 opened its Club Entreprises.


TELECOM Lille1 celebrated its 2,000th graduate.


The first international double degree agreement was cosigned by TELECOM Lille1 and ETS Montreal.


TELECOM Lille1 celebrated 20 years of innovation and success.


After signing double degree agreements with ETS Montreal in 2009 and Saint Petersburg State University in 2010, TELECOM signed three new agreements in 2011 with ESTIV Valencia, HfT-Leipzig and TEM (Telecom School of Management).

2012  TELECOM Lille1 became a subsidiary of the new Institut Mines-Télécom

Start of the first school year for students graduating from the Classes Préparatoires and entering the Grandes Écoles.

2013  TELECOM Lille1 became Télécom Lille and adopted a new logo

2014 1st vocational training graduated student

2015 Telecom Lille celebrates its 25 anniversary!