Executive education

Since its creation, Télécom Lille has been the preferred partner of companies for training their senior technicians in engineering. Remote learning, e-learning, self-training, credit for work experience (VAE): Our teaching method is designed to accelerate the acquisition of skills while respecting employee and company constraints.

Classroom/on-site curriculum

TrainingLasting 16 months, this curriculum includes 10 months of studies at the school and 6 months carrying out projects at a company (the original one or another). This curriculum enables interns to benefit from complete immersion in school life for a year, which facilitates their return to their company to take up a new post in a new work situation.

TutTelNet® (TTN) remote learning curriculum

This curriculum combines full weeks of in-class/on-site training at the school with access to the self-training platform developed by Télécom Lille. Students spend full weeks at the school once every two months during the first part of the curriculum and once a month at the end of the curriculum. This apprenticeship model minimizes the indirect costs linked to the student employees' lack of availability and travel.

The duration of training is approximately two years, followed by a six-month engineering project at the company.

The self-training platform is comprised of specially developed educational tools, periodic synchronous teaching (one ½-day virtual class per week) and remote tutoring.


Responsable Formation Continue / VAE / Admissions sur titre

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