Entrepreneurship is at the heart of digital technology development. Télécom Lille supports all students carrying out projects involving the creation of a company.

Télécom Lille's backing and support of entrepreneurial developments has several aims:

  • To develop an entrepreneurial culture amongst the students, doctoral candidates and the research lecturers
  • To provide the fundamental skills essential for implementing a sound project
  • To assist and support all students with innovative projects in the ICT field in order to help organize an idea into a sustainable project
  • To translate research results into an innovative economic activity
  • To contribute to regional economic development

The actions implemented include all those oriented towards entrepreneurial undertakings: raising awareness, training, assisting in projects for creating companies and establishing scientific collaboration, most often as part of innovative projects.

Depending on the situation, this signifies educational activities integrated into the engineering curriculum or specifically defined measures.

Individualized supervision

Each student carrying out a project can reach out to Télécom Lille for advice, support and scientific and technical collaboration as part of their internships or technological projects.

A network of partners

Depending on the project, and with Télécom Lille's help, the future creator will find the resources he or she needs within the regional and national support network (hosting, financing and consulting solutions…).

Companies established by our graduates


    Founded in 2001 by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer and Emmanuel Darras, ANKAMA is an independent digital creation group with over 250 employees. Their MMORPG DOFUS is enjoyed by more than 7 million players.

    Publishing, animation, website design, press, mobile phone services, video games for the latest generation consoles, etc.



    ACIPIA is a computer services company created in 2004 by Pierre Laden and Sven Marquilly.

    Open-source expertise in computer security and network infrastructures, supervision, integration, assistance, VoIP solutions, training, etc.



    Created in 2007 by Ingrid Battistetti and Frédéric Eeckhout, Tehms provides companies with tailored skills-management support.

    Consulting, methodology, innovative software suites, etc.


  • 3Dduo

    Created in 2007 by Maxence Devolghelaere and Sacha Stepanian, 3Dduo specializes in creating promotional and cross-media video games.

    Serious games, casual games, social games, advergames, etc.


  • Doonya

    Created in 2008 by Amadou Sonde and Guillaume Houde, DOONYA is a VoIP provider for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).


  • Crezeo

    Created in 2010 by Antoine Leclercq, CREZEO specializes in designing professional social networks.

    Creation and management of social networks dedicated to a specific business activity or profession, etc.


  • Dooapp

    Created in 2010 by Christophe Dufour, DooApp is a software publisher for the eco-construction field.

    Energy audit solutions for buildings and optimizing energy efficiency, etc.


  • Alkivi

    Created in 2013 by Anthony Martinet and Luc Vanwaelscappel, ALKIVI is a company specializing in data processing, hosting and other related activities.

    Manage your digital environment from A to Z. Internet, telephones, hardware, IT support, security, data protection and backup.



    Created in 2012 by Guillaume Rembert, Euryèce Télécom is a telecommunication engineering company specializing in critical environments.

    The best of earth-space technologies and methodologies to help you tackle the challenges of the digital era.


  • Kalyptus

    Created in 2011 by Nicolas De Bosscher, Kalyptus is a recruitment agency specializing in industrial engineering/IT professions.

    Expertise in detecting and assessing talented professionals in the engineering profession.


  • Keyneosoft

    Founded in 2007 by Nicolas Delcourt, Keyneosoft specializes in designing, publishing and deploying software solutions for stores that facilitate shopping, sales and cross-channel commerce.

    La Mobilery, a Keyneosoft subsidiary created in 2010, develops mobile and m-commerce solutions.


  • Nexis solutions

    Created at the end of 2013 by Thibaut Quinzain, an IT Director in the nuclear industry before he moved on to directing an SME in Lille.

    His desire is to promote digital technology in his home region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and offer dependable assistance and support to the businesses constituting the economic fabric of the region.