Economics & Management

The research lecturers of Télécom Lille's Economics and Management Department carry out their research at the CLERSÉ Laboratory (Lille center for social and economic studies and research) and the LEM Laboratory (Lille Economics and Management).

The research lecturers that focus on socio-economics carry out their research on topics related to employment, work and industrial relations based on an economic and socio-economic methodology.

AmphiResearch subjects

Labor economics, working time and leisure time:

  • The social division of work and unskilled jobs
  • Service economics

The economics of work and human resources:

  • Management of skills, pay
  • Training, integration of youth, apprenticeship
  • Mobility, career trajectory

Women in the workplace:

  • Policy of gender equality at work as part of a company's Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Policy of balancing work/private life
  • Careers and glass ceilings

The territorial approach, added value to skills management and the organization of career paths


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