In direct contact with the world

StudentsAs a member of the Institut Mines-Télécom, Télécom Lille offers numerous international educational oppurunities for students, for research and for ties with multinational corporations.

Languages and intercultural communication

The Télécom Lille curriculum includes comprehensive training in foreign languages and intercultural relations. Unique in France, this program prepares each of our students to become part of international teams.

Studying abroad

Internships and studies abroad: our students are able to actively prepare themselves for international lives and careers, acquire important experience abroad over the course of their studies.

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International students

Télécom Lille has welcomed students from over 23 different countries and 5 continents to their campus. The education and training we offer is especially tailored to French-speaking students wishing to obtain a Télécom diploma recognized in France and abroad.

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International researchers

Télécom Lille's research laboratories are highly active in developing international exchanges with numerous partners abroad.

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