Club Entreprises or Company partners

In order to develop and breathe life into corporate relations and to strengthen the school's cooperation with its industrial partners, TELECOM Lille1 created its Club Entreprises in September 2006. "We wanted to create a flexible organisation where people could share ideas and reflect upon them," says Martine Ducornet, Club Entreprises manager.

The proposed partnership is organised around 4 major areas:

  • higher education
  • teaching
  • student-alumni relations
  • business promotion

Bringing businesses and education together

Since January 2007, the school has run a monthly lecture cycle that features the school's instructor-researchers and corporate managers. It also organises research laboratory visits for professionals and opportunities for exchanging ideas with the school's experts on technologies and industry developments, with the aim that TELECOM Lille1 will get priority treatment for development contracts. It also plans on teaming up companies with working groups or think tanks on course developments, by getting them to help define strategies and possibly participate in the board of advisors.

Privileged relations between student-engineers and graduates

The Club Entreprises also encourages recruiting, by giving members priority for job and internship offers, giving them access to students' CVs and giving them free participation in the Job, Internship and Apprenticeship Forum. Partner companies can also increase their profile with students by advertising on the school's website and by using internal communication outlets to send out information.

Club Members

 The club currently boasts nineteen corporate members :

INEO Com, I.Solutio, OPEN, OVH, NETASQ, SFR, SOLUCOM, SPIE Communications, SOGETI,
TELINDUS and Thales Communications & Security .


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Contact :
Martine Ducornet

 Tel : +33 320 335 587
Fax : +33 320 335 597