Télécom Lille graduates are awarded a national diploma, recognized by the CTI French Engineering Commission (evaluation board).

Admission to the French engineering degree in telecommunication (diplôme d’ingénieur en télécommunications) programme is through one of the following methods :

  • Students leaving secondary school are recruited via the Geipi Polytech competitive entrance examination. This is open to French speaking students who studied in France or abroad in a French secondary school (AEFE). To be awarded the engineering degree students must successfully complete the entire 5-year programme
  • Students having a bachelor degree and more than 3 years significant professional experience in telecommunication, can apply for advanced admission to a 16-month programme or a 30-month distance learning program
  • Students having completed the two-year university ‘institute of technology’ degree (IUT) may apply for advanced admission to 3-year continuing education program. This program is restricted by law to students employed by a French company. These continuing education students share their time between the school and the company

You are a scientific College prep student MP (Mathematics and Physics) or PSI (Physics and Engineering Science)

Télécom Lille offers 30 spots to students from MP (12 spots) and PSI (18 spots) programs.

The competition and entrance examination

The school recruits students via the MINES-TÉLÉCOM examination.

logo concours Mines-Télécom

Online registration from December 6, 2015, to midnight, January 6, 2016 at the SCEI (engineering school competition service) website.

Registration is carried out by completing 3 mandatory steps:

  • data entry and approval
  • preparation of a "supporting documents" file
  • mailing of supporting documents

The competition consists of:

  • a written eligibility examination
  • an oral eligibility examination.

For more information, download the MINES-TÉLÉCOM 2016 competition brochure.



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