Reeflex residence

REEFLEX is a student residence that reserves a part of its furnished apartments for first-year Télécom Lille students (attending preparatory classes or in the first year of the engineering curriculum).

2nd to 5th year students can be allowed in depending on availability and can contact the REEFLEX residence to make a request.


The CROUS (French student welfare organization) supervises the more pragmatic services for students (accommodation, university restaurants, social support, etc.). It operates a welcome service for foreign students and manages accommodation in university residences.

Financial aid for accommodation

Under certain conditions, you can seek financial aid from the French government for accommodation.
The amount of aid received, which is allocated by the Family Allocations Office (CAF), depends on the rent amount, the type of accommodation, and your own personal financial situation.
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RestaurantFood services

University restaurants

The university restaurants at Lille and Villeneuve d'Ascq are open to Télécom Lille students.